Designing in detail

Every project is different, but the essential approach and considerations are often the same.

Firstly, considering the space and whether a project appropriate
level of architectural adjustment may be required to improve natural
light, the flow of traffic through the space or how it is
functionally used.

Examining how light changes in the room over the course of the day
and into the evening, as well as how light effects the activities
and occupants.

Colour and texture can then be understood in the context of the space and its changing atmosphere.

Any existing furnishing and objects both functional and decorative
can then be integrated, alongside any new pieces which can either be
sourced or created.

A cohesive design and timeline can then be devised.

  • Family room, childs bedroom and family bathroom - Before

  • Family room, childs bedroom and family bathroom - After

Implementation of the design plan will depend on the size and scope
of the project, however a combination of trusted suppliers, artists,
crafts people, decorators and our own studio will ensure the finished
result is impeccable.

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